Female Champions: Irene Paredes: “That there is no VAR in the female Champions is discrimination”

Women’s Champions The PSG captain is critical of the refereeing

Irene Paredes laments after losing the Champions semi-final. .

Irene Paredes, captain of PSG (and the Spanish national team) was critical of the refereeing and UEFA after being eliminated by Olympique Lyonnais in the semifinals of the Champions League. “That there is no VAR in the women’s Champions is part of the discrimination.” I don’t understand why there is no VAR in the women’s Champions. It is part of discrimination, I say it like this and I am not going to hide. If we want equality, this has to be equality. If we are the best in Europe, we need the best referees in Europe, we need the help of the VAR and at the moment we do not have it, “he denounced.

PSG suffered the arbitration of the Russian Anastasia Pustovoitova, who sent off Parisian Grace Geyoro with a double warning and rigorously. “I do not usually say anything about the refereeing but it is clear that he has not been at the level. He has done nothing more than get us yellow cards, which conditions you a lot. If he had refereed for both of them, it would have been different,” he declared even flush. of grass.

The Parisians were at the gates of their third continental final after losing by the minimum against Lyon, current defender of the title. “It was a goal in a foul, it was my brand, I also say it, but it is impossible not to think that the arbitration has harmed us,” he said.

They score you in a fakta, it’s my brand, I recognize it