Fight against the coronavirus: Joe Biden promises a mobilization as “in time of war” – .

After his inauguration, Joe Biden immediately signed decrees, aimed at fighting the coronavirus pandemic. A mobilization as “in time of war”, promised the new president.

Negative test and quarantine

The United States have crossed the milestone of 400,000 deaths linked to coronavirus, Joe biden has, therefore, signed a series of 10 decrees within the framework of the fight against the pandemic. In addition, Thursday, he promised a mobilization like “in times of war” in front of the Covid-19. “Our strategy is based on science, not politics, on truth, not on denial“, he launched.
He also announced that anyone arriving by plane to United States, from another country, should test negative on arrival and “observe a quarantine“.

The vaccination

Joe biden also denounced the “terrible failure“from the distribution of vaccines, reports France Info. He thus announced his goal of achieving 100 million vaccinations in 100 days. Asked if this goal was not lacking in ambition, the tenant of the White House reacted strongly: “when I announced it, you all said it wouldn’t be possible. Come on, you’re not serious!“, he launched.


To fight the coronavirus, the American president promised transparency to the population, concerning, the “good and bad news“In his opinion, it is essential to restore confidence after the procrastination of D. Trump.
He is therefore committed to always giving the floor to scientists, in particular to the immunologist. Anthony Fauci. The latter did not hide his relief, during an intervention in the press room, a few minutes later. “The idea of ​​being able to come here, talk about what we know, proofs, science, gives the feeling of a form of liberation“, he announced. The scientist also admitted to having found himself in situations”uncomfortable“with the previous president.

Mandatory mask wearing

The day after his installation, Joe biden thanked WHO for ensuring its leadership role in the fight against coronavirus. On Wednesday, he already announced the return of United States in this international organization. In addition, the president has introduced the mandatory wearing of masks in federal buildings, and signed a decree relating to this measure, reports the newspaper.

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