Fighting: Yoka explains live with Duhaupas (video)

Fighting :

Two of the best heavyweights in French boxing, Tony Yoka and Johann Duhaupas, will face each other in a ring on September 25. Before this big meeting, the two men explained each other face to face, on a live TV set.

While it was akin to an Arlésienne, the confrontation between two of the best French heavyweights will take place before the end of the year. On September 25 – the location remains to be determined – Tony Yoka and Johann Duhaupas will finally do battle in a ring. While the Olympic champion in Rio was annoyed at not being able to face his elder brother whom he accused of failing him, the two men were able to explain themselves about this, live on the television set of Canal +.

The boxer from Chanteloup-les-Vignes immediately got into the heart of the matter “When we propose a fight in France with the months of preparation that it takes, a substantial scholarship, why do you refuse? You refused several times. At one point you gave your word and in the end there was nothing. “Not contradicting his future opponent, Johann Duhaupas then provided several reasons for his previous missed appointments, advancing in particular changes of opinion from his management team.

“Don’t talk to me about words. Don’t tell me Tony has changed your mind. “

In addition to economic interests, “the Reptile” also expressed personal problems at the time of the facts (December 2019, Editor’s note). But each time, Tony Yoka found fault there and obviously did not digest that the native of Abbeville does not respect his word. “Don’t talk to me about words. Don’t tell me Tony has changed your mind. I gave my word, my promoter is there, I want to box you, I box you. “

Arms folded, sure of himself, without raising the tone excessively, Tony Yoka won the verbal game against an old road of noble art (39 years old, 43 fights). However, the sporting truth, the only one that matters, will be that of September 25. If a boxing fight was won on a TV set it would know.

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