Filmoteca Española will invest two million in its free platform

Streaming platforms proliferate in abundance to the point that we can find niche platforms. If you like independent cinema and classic cinema, you have Filmin. If you prefer Spanish cinema from a few decades ago, you can go to FlixOlé. And what to say about the RTVE Play catalogue. Or eFilm. Spanish and foreign cinema of yesterday and today together with the newspaper library of Radio Televisión Española. These sources are joined by a new platform dedicated to the best of Spanish cinema. It will be free and will be launched by the Spanish Film Library itself.

The role of the Film Library Española is “the preservation of Spanish cinematographic heritage”. Between other tasks, “has the mission of recovering, investigating and conserving the cinematographic heritage and promoting its knowledge”. And what better way to publicize your holdings and collections than through a streaming platform, an easily accessible and more appealing tool than going to the cinema or to the facilities of the Filmoteca itself, as is the case of Cine Doré, in Madrid.

To create its own Netflix, which will be free and should be online in about nine months, the Spanish Film Library has obtained two million euros from the well-known European Next Generation Funds, which have served for public and private organizations, such as hundred-year-old newspapers, Digitize your funds and newspaper archives for enjoyment and online consultation. This is what will happen with the catalog of thousands of films of all time that we can find today on different platforms. or in various channels Youtube.

What will the Netflix of the Spanish Film Library be like?

To begin with, the historical archive of the Filmoteca. Part of it is in the process of being digitized, so it will appear on the platform over time, as it becomes available to publish online. All that content will include movies but also other formats and materials of historical interest. Materials that can be consulted and also downloaded for use in documentaries and new informative content.

In this way, the audiovisual collections of the Spanish Film Library will virtually leave its facilities and will have easier access. Especially for those who cannot physically travel to the headquarters of the Filmoteca. A whole declaration of intent to enter the 21st century and make Spanish cinema known from its beginnings to the present day.

To carry out this task, the creation of a streaming platform, the Spanish Film Library will have the services of tyris, a Valencian company specialized in Big Data, artificial intelligence, business intelligence and audiovisual solutions for connected devices. In addition to setting it up, they will be in charge of making it known and managing its brand image.

As usual on Netflix and other VOD platforms, the Film Library will be available online from the web browser but they will also launch applications for mobile devices, tablets and smart TVs. In statements to various media, those responsible for carrying out this platform will include features such as technical sheets, user comments, related content, intelligent recommendations through deep learning and even additional information to find out where we can physically see a particular movie or content.

The Spanish Film Library is based in the Cine Doré in MadridCredit: Spanish film library

A platform for moviegoers and professionals

The most striking part for the general public is this free Netflix with content from the funds of the Spanish Film Library. However, the idea is to go beyond mere entertainment. While there will be a free viewing part, another part will be more professional and will consist of offering part of its funds and content for download and use in new audiovisual materials. This use has its cost due to copyright.

The possibility of offering restricted content for festivals and film distributors from other countries interested in disseminating classic or more recent Spanish cinema with more restricted access for professional reasons is even being considered. A way to facilitate the commercial diffusion of Spanish cinema throughout the world.

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