Filtered the release date of the folding

A new leak suggests the date on which the Google Pixel Foldthe long-awaited foldable from the Mountain View company, will be in cell phone stores to start competing with Samsung’s models of this type.

According to Roland Quandt, an insider at WinFuture and quoted in a report by The Vergethe Pixel Fold could be available from the second week of June.

Quandt, a trusted leaker in the tech industry, tweeted on Tuesday, March 14, that the Google foldable will come with a base storage of 256GB and will arrive in black/dark gray or white.

“Google Pixel Fold (yes, that’s the name): 256GB base storage (no idea if there are other variants) Colors: charcoal, porcelain,” the insider wrote, noting confirmation of the model name and adding information from another The brand’s long-awaited mobile, the Google Pixel 7a, with only a 128 GB model, with more colors and which will also be available in June.

The long wait for the Google Pixel Fold

The foldable has been rumored for a long time and there have been rumors that it would be announced sometime in the next few months. Now we know what it looks like, when it will arrive and its possible price.

WinFuture heard that the phone could cost 1,700 euros or around $1,800, though he notes that this information is not necessarily reliable. That figure, however, lines up with previous rumors.

We probably won’t know the price for sure until the official announcement, which, since June is a few months away, should be very soon. Google will hold its I/O keynote on May 10, so it seems like a pretty safe bet that we’ll find out about that around then.

Regarding the panel of the Google Pixel Fold, the phone will have a 5.79-inch screen on the front with a 7.69-inch foldable screen on the inside. Also, it will almost certainly be powered by a Google Tensor chip.