Finally, Google updates Gmail showing the privacy labels

Google has been more than two months without updating its applications for iOS, and all with the aim of not showing the privacy labels of the App Store. On Android, all Google apps have been updated over this time, but not on iOS. Nevertheless, now Google has updated the Gmail information in the App Store including privacy labels.

Gmail privacy labels
Privacy labels come to Gmail

Although the privacy information has been added to Gmail, Google has sent it to Apple’s server, has not yet released an update to the Gmail app. And it’s been two months since Gmail was last updated.

Google has added privacy labels to apps like YouTube and some of its smaller apps, but the main applications such as Google Search, Google Photos or Google Maps have not yet added this information, Gmail is the first to get these labels.

What information does Gmail access?

There’s nothing we didn’t expect the Gmail app accesses a lot of information, and it is certainly not the most private email app on the App Store. This is everything the iOS Gmail app accesses:

  • Third party advertising. Location, Identifiers and Usage Data.
  • Analysis of data. Purchases, Location, Contact data, User content (photos, audio data…), Search history, Identifiers, Usage data, Diagnostics and Other data.
  • Product customization. Contact Data, Contacts, User Content, Search History, Identifiers and Usage Data.
  • App functionality. Purchases, Location, Contact data, Contacts, User content, Search history, Identifications, Usage data, Diagnostics and Other data.
gmail privacy labels
All Gmail privacy labels

As we see, Gmail accesses numerous information that allows Google to create a profile of each user and then show them targeted advertising, is the main way to earn money that Google has.

Still many Google applications remain to update their privacy labels, especially its main app and Chrome, which are the ones that can collect the most information.

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