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After lengthy beta testing, Microsoft finally sets a date for the release of its new predictive text feature in Word.

During 2020 we witnessed how Microsoft finally he decided to implement important changes to modernize his word processor Word.

This program is perhaps the most popular of the Office suite, but the reality is that for many years it had been relatively stagnant.

But the story is now another. Word can no longer just translate audio to text. Now too imitate a smartphone and adds an as cool as necessary predictive text feature.

Release date

That’s right, just like it happens when you write from your cell phone. Word has since the fall of 2020 testing this new feature where the writing process will be easier and more agile.

Predictive text operation in Word is easy to control for those who have already tried Gmail’s Smart Compose.

Since both work basically the same. The platform’s artificial intelligence analyzes writing habits and from there it shows word suggestions to complete sentences.

A simple touch of the tab key will be enough to advance in the writing without having to write the whole word.

After months of beta testing we had an honest doubt about when this feature would be released.

But the friends of Neowin They have just found the update schedule that Microsoft has planned.

Here comes the great data yearned for: Word will enter the XXI century in March of this year. From that month its global release will begin.

As is customary in these cases, the English language will be the first to receive the improvement and then it will gradually expand to the rest of the planet.

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