Finland announces its candidates for Eurovision 2021 with the return of Aksel, winner of the previous year

Although in our country there has been no mystery about who will represent us at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 (although there is about the song that Blas Cantó will perform), there are many countries that, like every year, are already in the race to find their candidate. During January 13, the public television of Finland has confirmed the artists who will choose to represent the Nordic country.

Finland announces UMK 2021 participants

There are seven artists and groups that will compete in the Finnish preselection. The confirmation that has most surprised Eurofans has been that of Aksel Kankaanranta, UMK 2020 winner with the song « Looking Back ». After the cancellation of the festival due to the coronavirus, the vocalist declared that he would repeat in a new preselection. However, finally will try again with the topic « Hurt ».

Another of the most outstanding confirmations comes with that of Estonian artist Laura, who has already represented Estonia at the festival twice, in 2005 as part of the Suntribe trio and in 2017 with Koit Toome and the song « Verona ». On this occasion, Laura He performs solo with the song « Play ». The rest of the contestants will be the popular 78-year-old singer Danny with « Sinä päivänä kun kaikki rakastaa mua », Ilta with « Kelle mä soitan », Blind Channel with « Dark Side », Oskr with « Lie » and the Teflon Brothers & Pandora with « I Love You ».

A different preselection

Finnish television has confirmed that the pre-selection gala that will be held on February 20 will take place, for the first time in its history, without an audience present on set. In it, a professional jury and the public (who will have 75% of the weight of the vote) will decide who wins their ticket to Rotterdam. As for the participating songs, we will still have to wait to hear them, since will be published on a daily basis between January 14 and 22, starting with Oskr’s and ending with Ilta’s.

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