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Our spy photographers have managed to capture a development prototype of the future generation Ford Ranger. This test unit of Ford’s mid-size pick-up is now in its final configuration and showing its first final features.

We have spoken of the new generation of Ford Ranger on several occasions in recent years and we even echoed an early leak which, from what the few test units seen so far show, was a legitimate leak.

This new series of spy photos have been taken a few days ago in the United States and show us the first prototype of the future generation Ford Ranger in its final configuration. In addition, the camouflage of this unit gives us a glimpse of the first and most characteristic features of this new generation of the American mid-size pick-up.

At the rear we find the usual vertical pilots.

It was in 2019 when the Australian press surprised us by revealing the first image of the future generation of Ford Ranger. That first image showed what appeared to be a prototype or scale model of the pick-up, with a very modern and aggressive design, which completely breaks with the lines of its predecessors. This model has traditionally been developed by Ford’s Australian division, hence the leak came from that side of the globe.

The development prototype that stars in this new series of spy photos has many points in common with the aforementioned leaked copy, as is the case of the slightly curved wheel arches or the peculiar structure of the headlights, which form a large C surrounding the moldings that extend from the grill. This structure will receive slight modifications in the different variants that will make up the Ranger 2022 range and will also be present in the also unpublished Ford Maverick range.

What’s New

The new generation of Ford Ranger is not only going to be characterized by a very renewed aesthetic, it will also show off a notably improved technical scheme, although it will not stop being an evolution of the current generation. As we already told you in detail when the news of the 2022 range was filtered, this new generation will debut for the first time a hybrid version, whose mechanics will not be shared with the current models of the brand but rather it is a new hybrid set that has been developed specifically for the occasion. As a global model, the new Ford Ranger 2022 will have a wide mechanical range that will include 4 and 6-cylinder engines, both gasoline and diesel, as well as a new Ranger Raptor variant, which will also debut a more powerful mechanic.

As we can see in the images of the Instagram post embedded on these lines and the upper gallery, the structure of the front optics of the development prototype is tremendously similar to the model leaked in 2019 by Wheels publication. Another detail of the recently hunted prototype is that it had the steering wheel on the left and was testing in the United States, although does not appear to be a variant intended for that market, as it does not have the elements of the specific configuration for North America.

Ford Ranger 2022: a leak reveals the surprises of the future rangeFord Ranger 2022: a leak reveals the surprises of the future rangeRead news

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