First reviews and impressions of the AirPods Max

The new AirPods Max were launched just a few days ago and the first lucky ones have already been able to test them. These are the units that Apple has given to certain media that allow us see the new AirPods up close and get to know them a little better.

airpods max
The new AirPods Max

There are several American media that have been able to test the AirPods Max for a few hours and have left us their impressions. We also have a good collection of videos with impressions which show us the design more closely. These are the main reviews about the AirPods Max.

First reviews of the AirPods Max

We have several important media offering his impressions on the new AirPods MaxMusco highlights the build quality and sound they offer.

The Verge

In a comprehensive article they offer their first impressions and describe the sound quality of the AirPods Max:

«Sound-wise, I’ve had fun listening to the AirPods Max for a few hours – they’re crisp and bright, with a pleasantly wider soundstage than my Sony headphones, and no distortion at all, even at max volume. We will have a full review soon […] But for now, you can be sure the AirPods Max sounds good enough to compete with other high-end headphones.«.

AirPods Max Colors
The colors of the AirPods Max


Mainly they highlight in his article the comfort and high-end finishes of the AirPods Max:

«I wore the AirPods Max for several and they felt super comfortable. There is a breathable mesh band on top that felt light on my head and won’t sweat or heat. I also love the ear pads, which are roomy and fit around my ears instead of over them«.

«There are plenty of high-end touches, such as aluminum parts and a steel frame, rather than plastic parts that you can find on competitive headphones. We also have the Digital Crown that Apple brought from the Apple Watch. It feels solid and easily rotates to adjust volume. Many competitive high-end headphones use touch controls for volume, which is not as accurate as a physical control«.

AirPods Max digital crown
The Digital Crown of the AirPods Max


In their first impressions of the AirPods Max they positively rate the noise cancellation on the AirPods Max and the microphone setup, which is impressive:

«Its noise cancellation is arguably the best I’ve ever experienced, slightly outperforming noise cancellation on both Sony’s WH-1000XM4s and Bose 700 noise-canceling headphones (I haven’t compared them closely to Bose’s QuietComfort headphones yet, offering the best noise cancellation in wireless headphones).

They don’t completely silence the world around you, but I was on the streets of New York, and they did blast work muffling the noise, I could barely hear the traffic around me. Lastly, they work quite well as headphones for making calls and are particularly good at reducing wind noise. It’s also worth noting: when you’re in headphone mode, you can hear your voice in the headphones so you can modulate your voice and not end up yelling. Similar in that sense to the AirPods Pro«.

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