Fitness Boxing 2 Rhythm & Exercise Review for Nintendo Switch

The umpteenth fitness video game is here with the promise of keeping you in shape, and that is the main challenge that Fitness Boxing 2 faces: keeping up with its competitors. After a few fists in the air, a lot of sweat and a few shoelaces, I will tell you if it is a recommended alternative for owners of a Nintendo Switch.

With this confinement, there has been a boom in everything related to fitness, with staying in shape. Given the difficulty of going to the gym, or even going out to run, good are the proposals in the form of video games. Personally, I have followed this phenomenon quite closely. You will have already seen that initially little supported products such as Ring Fit Adventure, little by little they have been capturing the interest of users. It is currently the best option to burn calories on your Nintendo Switch, there is no doubt … but that does not mean that there are alternatives. And you will agree that variety is taste.

That’s where Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm and Exercise comes in, which although it is several notches below in terms of quality, can catch a certain audience (mainly those who like to hit the air and, of course, those who are convinced by the first delivery). It is not that it incorporates too many novelties, everything is said, but it invites you to move your skeleton, which is what matters, and it is also a product that takes your training seriously. It has daily monitoring and weighs your particular conditions (weight and height) when setting up your exercise table, which is not small.

However, with so many alternatives like Your Shape, Zumba Fitness, Dance Central, Just Dance… the competition is tough, and you have to come up with really innovative things to stand out. That is where Fitness Boxing 2 does not give the right hand it needed, because apart from not distancing itself from the previous game, it is quite flat in its entirety. I have to say that it has not stimulated me enough to continue with him, and I consider that to be essential in a game of this style. But let’s see it more thoroughly below, because although it can be improved, It is a title that could interest you if you respond to the appropriate profile.

Fists in the air!

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Fitness Boxing over other titles of the style is that you do not need any additional peripherals. It uses the Joy-Con, one in each hand, to punch the air. The precision in the detection of movements, although it is not spectacular, I have found it sufficient. You have to get used to each movement, since there is a good repertoire (jabs, crochets, hooks, blocks, side steps …), but I would be lying if I said that I have had too many problems with this. Yes, it took a bit of effort for the controls to detect my fists, but once I got hold of the dynamics it worked reasonably well.

Fitness Boxing 2 reviewThe interface is clear, pleasant and provides a lot of information.

What the game doesn’t work so well for is rhythm. There are 23 music tracks, a quite acceptable number, which are instrumental versions of Break Free (Ariana Grande), Hot N Cold (Katy Perry) or Born to be Wild (Steppenwolf), among many others. Sounds like an interesting approach, right? Well, it is not so much when you stand in front of the screen to give fists, because the chords do not usually match the movements. If I was guided by music, I was seldom hit. I had to follow the visual instructions, so a negative on this important facet.

My feeling is that the game looks like a Dance Dance Revolution, only that instead of dancing we punch. It’s not bad, as long as it’s done right. The absence of voices in Spanish (they are in English) is another factor that works against the concept. However, it has good things, like that it goes from less to more, so that you will start with a few instructions to – little by little – see how the screen is filled with icons that make you concentrate one hundred percent on your movements.

Fitness Boxing 2 Nintendo Switch

Do I recommend Fitness Boxing 2? I could do it, but putting a lot of ‘buts’I’ve gotten to sweat, and in fact the game recommends that you grab a towel and something to drink between activities. Also, they do not burn few calories. To give you an idea, in a 30-minute session you can burn (according to game estimates) up to 300 calories, which is not bad at all. Therefore, I do not doubt that it can help those who are overweight lose a few kilograms, or help those who simply want to stay as they are. The game has options for it, and it is undoubtedly one of the aspects that have convinced me the most. You can choose between light, normal or intense sessions. It is also allowed to modify the time, from 10 to 40 minutes per session, depending on what you have. Likewise, there is the option of focusing the exercise on the abdomen, pectorals, biceps, legs, etc. I also liked that they propose you stretching, although I tell you that it does not prevent stiffness from appearing in the arms. But anyway … if you take it seriously, I think you can achieve good results in general.

Fitness Boxing 2

Where the title fails the most is in the way it encourages you to continue exercising day by day. It’s good that you get a “perfect” score for having good timing when punching, and that the screen comes alive the better you do it. However, I am missing what Ring Fit had and how well it worked: a progression. Fitness Boxing 2 offers unlockables and some achievements, but it has been a too standard and little stimulating solution, although not everything is bad: it has cooperativePleasant news, especially if you are one of those who do not tend to be consistent with these things. Two people can share screen and hit at the same time, each following their routine.

Fitness Boxing 2 Nintendo SwitchFitness Boxing 2You can choose a coach and customize it.

Fitness Boxing 2 is completed with various graphs and statistics that come in handy for daily monitoring. If you update your weight, it indicates the evolution of the BMI (Body Mass Index) and also shows you a physical age that you cannot take very seriously either, because it is a bit like the brain age that they gave us in Brain Training. The latter is not bad, and perhaps I would have liked a greater emphasis on this kind of thing to increase my motivation. In the end, video games can take advantage of the term “gamification”, and it is at this point that I was not convinced by the proposal of this Japanese study.

I recommend it? I could do it, but with a lot of “buts”. You must be very clear if it fits with your profile, and that obviously it is a boxing workout, not a more multidisciplinary one like the one proposed by the outstanding Ring Fit Adventure. Besides, this sequel does not evolve too much with respect to the first installment. There is room for improvement, but the idea is there and makes you sweat. You only need determination and perseverance to obtain good results. I have not succeeded, but could it be different in your case?

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