Flight MH370 and Invisibility Technology

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It turns out that curiously, a former military analyst and Air Captain named McConnell has come out, who has claimed that what was really interesting in flight MH370 was a series of technology patents carried by the FreeScale scientists.

Apparently, there is an open patent in the US with shared ownership in which the FreeScale corporation was, this patent is about an avant-garde system capable of making any aircraft WITHOUT Stealth technology Invisible to radars.

Heavy B-52s, Fighter Fighters, Drones or Cargo Planes as well as passengers, could go completely unnoticed by any world radar with the technology that was allegedly being developed and that they were about to patent.

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The analyst affirms that in this case, we cannot be talking about simple rebels or terrorists who took the plane, possibly behind are some nations that would have great interest in acquiring this technology and of course their engineers and scientists, the proposed candidates for McConnell are China, Russia, the United States and a British company called “Serco.”

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