football : A little hope for Navas?

Football :

The Parisian goalkeeper is not yet withdrawn for the semi-final of the Champions League against Leipzig.

The thigh injury of Keylor Navas is the big black spot of the qualification of PSG against Atalanta in the Champions League. The Costa Rican goalkeeper, indisputable holder, is very uncertain for the semi-final against Leipzig next Tuesday.

“For Navas, a slim, very slim hope of seeing him in the goal on Tuesday still exists on the side of PSG and everything is done to see it happen, can we read this Saturday in L’Equipe. A new clinical evaluation will take place today but the outlook is rather pessimistic about his presence against Leipzig. “

The Parisian staff, on the other hand, is optimistic for Navas regarding a possible final, next weekend.

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Messi and Müller

Discover in pictures the tops and flops of this Barça-Bayern ->


FLOP: Marc-André Ter Stegen (3)

He could not reassure his defense, approximate in his exits and his ball catches. This time, his customary touch of madness was not an asset for his team. On the contrary.


FLOP: The hinge of Barça (1)

Gerard Piqué and Clément Lenglet took to the water like never before this evening, suffering from each of the Munich incursions into their camp. Reduced to the rank of sparring-partners, they were systematically subjected to the law of the Bavarian attackers in the duels.


FLOP: Sergio Busquets (2)

In need of rhythm and sharpness, he was unable to close the gaps in the Catalan midfield, quickly overtaken by events. Its offensive ecot was also non-existent.


FLOP: Lionel Messi (2.5)

A post struck on a worked center and a breakthrough by transplanting in the axis punctuated by a crushed strike, that’s about all that the Barça conductor achieved tonight. Unworthy of his talent.


TOP: Thiago Alcantara (9)

A full, successful and remarkable match spent in the shadow of his attacking teammates. By himself, he extinguished most of the Catalan initiatives, invaluable in the anticipation and orientation of the Munich game.


TOP: Serge Gnabry (8)

Lively and punchy, he achieved a first half of the highest caliber, justly rewarded by an assist for Ivan Perisic and a powerful goal in the space of five minutes (22nd, 27th). Elusive.


TOP: Philippe Coutinho (8)

What a start! On loan from Barça this season, the Brazilian hurt his (ex-) teammates by using his quarter of an hour of play to deliver an assist for Robert Lewandowski (82nd) ​​and to split a doubled (85th, 89th).


TOP: Thomas Müller (9)

Author of the opening scoring – magnificent – from the 3rd minute, he acted as a detonator in this explosive part, also offering himself a double at the half-hour mark for the KO goal (4-1) and completing his personal work with an assist for Coutinho in the last moments of the match. First defender of his team, he has never balked at the task.