football : Ajroudi also wants to buy the Vélodrome!

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Determined, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi reiterated this Saturday via a press release his intention to buy OM. He also announced his intention to buy the Stade Vélodrome.

A relative of Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, Marc Deschenaux, via a press release, announced on Saturday evening the intentions of the Franco-Tunisian businessman. The latter has not stopped repeating for several weeks his intention to buy OM. Thanks to yesterday’s press release, we learn that he sees things in a big way and also intends to acquire the historic enclosure, the Stade Vélodrome.

This press release falls at this precise moment because the Ajroudi clan would have tried to contact the town hall of Marseille in order to inquire about the sale of the stadium located on Boulevard Michelet. Without a response, while rumors suggested that the city would not oppose a transaction, Mr. Ajroudi and his partners are using the media. This leverage could allow them to get feedback much more quickly.

A heavy annual cost for the Marseille taxpayer

According to Provence, the first deputy mayor, Benoit Payan, would be in favor of this transaction. He considers the annual cost of the enclosure particularly heavy for the taxpayer of the Phocaean city. On the other hand, its opponents believe that the Velodrome should not be sold because it is part of the city’s heritage. But as long as Franck McCourt remains at the helm, the sale of the Vélodrome is not relevant because the American would not be willing to make a colossal investment.

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Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi

The offensive led by Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi to buy back OM does not please everyone.


Velodrome Stadium – Marseille

The sums mentioned certainly have enough to make Marseille fans dream.


Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi

Ignitions that go badly with some.


Frank McCourt

This is obviously the case with Frank McCourt


Frank McCourt

Frank McCourt’s entourage has stepped up to the plate: the Olympique de Marseille is not for sale.


Frank McCourt

This has not cooled the ardor of Mohamed Boudjellal and Mohamed Ajroudi.


Frank McCourt

Frank McCourt therefore decided to file a complaint against the two acolytes, accusing them of destabilizing the club.


Frank McCourt

Frank McCourt intends to keep OM.


Frank McCourt

And the latest OM results confirm Frank McCourt in his intentions.


Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi said he was surprised by this reaction but remains calm.


Mourad Boudjellal

Mourad Boudjellal considers this summons to be cat pee.


Mourad Boudjellal and Mohamed Ajroudi

The chances of seeing them buy OM have nevertheless diminished further.