football : Defense, physical … Has Bayern shown weaknesses?

Football :

Scary against Barça (8-2), Bayern Munich seemed less out of reach in the semi-final against Lyon, despite a fairly quiet success (3-0). For Paris Saint-Germain, there will be opportunities to exploit.

A fabulous attack …

The Bayern Munich scored three goals in the Champions League semi-finals, and you’re tempted to be choosy. This shows how the German giant has different standards from its European rivals. Bayern are obviously the best attack in the Champions League with 42 goals. He spent 10 in Tottenham, 7 in Chelsea, and therefore 8 in Barcelona (in a single match!). Robert lewandowski is having a historic season but Serge Gnabry, the executioner of OL, is the second top scorer in the competition. Between them, they have almost scored as many goals (24) as PSG (25). We must add the other weapons of Bayern (Perisic, Coman, Coutinho, Kimmich, Davies), and we advise you not to keep your eye on Thomas Müller …

… but a defense that leaves spaces

We had already had a small glimpse of it against Barça, even if this had been obscured by the gap between the two teams: this Bayern concedes chances. Barça had some at the start of the meeting, OL also got hold of them. Memphis Depay (4th) then Karl Toko Ekambi (17th) could have opened the scoring. The former Angevin also had a golden ball to close the gap in the second half (58th). Each time, the same type of action, with balls in the back of the Bavarian defense. They haven’t scored in Final 8 yet, but the PSG dispose with Neymar and especially Kylian Mbappé two players capable of exploiting these spaces, especially since the Parisian workforce does not lack smugglers (Di Maria, Paredes, and Neymar himself). If OL could believe in even a small game, PSG, much better armed, could have a hand.

A physical advantage for Paris?

This is one of the questions of the second half between Bayern and OL. Why did the Bavarians, totally dashing five days earlier against Barcelona, ​​give the impression of having stopped attacking excessively, which is not in their habits? Are the German champions dull, in this Final 8 so particular in terms of preparation, where the physical aspect plays an important role? A player like Müller appeared exhausted at the final whistle. But you have to be careful of appearances. Without it appearing, Bayern ran more against OL (110.3 km) than during their festival against Barça (107.6 km). It must be said that the Bavarians were much more jostled by the pressing of Gones (who have traveled 112.2 km) than by that of Barça, non-existent (98.3 km). Paris should therefore be inspired by it, even if running a lot is not the strength of Thomas Tuchel’s team. PSG were in management against Leipzig (57% possession, 99.0 km traveled), more than against Atalanta (104.9 km traveled). Against Bayern, it will probably be necessary to increase the pace.

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