Football : Germany misses the boat against Spain

Football :

Germany was satisfied with a draw against Spain this Thursday evening in Stuttgart, as part of the League of Nations (1-1). A happy sharing of points for La Roja.

For lack of public, certainly, the poster of this first act of the League of Nations between Germany and Spain did not have the expected flavor. There was play, of course, and opportunities between these two strongholds of the continental round ball, but the intensity was not there this Thursday night in Stuttgart. Constrained offseason requires. However, the shock gave birth to two goals – one for the benefit of each side – for a 1-1 draw rather satisfactory from the point of view of Roja. Much less for the Mannschaft.

After a first period without much flight – except for this exceptional parade by De Gea on a cannon shot from Sané – the nets trembled after the rest, shaken by a Werner who decidedly takes the appearance of an excellent pickaxe for the Chelsea Blues. The flush and crossed shot of the German striker left the last Spanish bulwark helpless, until then impeccable (1-0, 51st). And Werner to miss the double by a hair in stride …

How often in these cases, despite his domination and hot opportunities to his credit, the selection of Joachim Löw missed his chance and thus extended the stick to be beaten. Luis Enrique’s team, suddenly offensive, ended up breaking through thanks to Gaya at the end of added time (1-1, 90th + 6). This while Fati – launched at the break for a first red cape at only 17 – had just seen his goal invalidated for a foul by Ramos beforehand. Quite a symbol.

The other results of the evening:

League A
Ukraine-Switzerland 2-1
League B
Bulgaria-Ireland 1-1
Finland-Wales 0-1
Russia-Serbia 3-1
Turkey-Hungary 0-1
League C
Moldova-Kosovo 1-1
Slovenia-Greece 0-0
League D
Latvia-Andorra 0-0
Faroe Islands-Malta 3-2