football : “I can only score Messi in my dreams”

Football :

Asked about the future Champions League confrontation against Barça, and his main danger Lionel Messi, Gennaro Gattuso did not hide his concern. Not without derision.

At the end of the victory of Naples against the Lazio this Saturday evening (3-1), Gennaro Gattuso and his men could finally turn the page of a disappointing season but saved however by a victory in the Cup, synonymous with qualification for the next Europa League.The Serie A over, all attention is now focused on the prestigious Champions League. Next Saturday, the Partenopei will go to Camp Nou to challenge Barcelona in the round of 16 second leg. On February 25 in the first leg, the two teams left back to back (1-1).

In the Catalan ogre, there is a certain Lionel messi. Coaches around the world would like to know the formula for reducing its radiation. Gennaro Gattuso, as rough as he had been during his career, he had not found the recipe. “I tried to catch it when I was playing in Milan and I was 10-15 kilos less than today,” he said amusedly. With the result that we know because “La Pulga” has never been eliminated by the Rossonero club in the LDC.

“I can only score Messi in my dreams. Or on my son’s PlayStation »

The Neapolitan coach overbid, exaggerating the situation “I can only score Messi in my dreams. Or on my son’s PlayStation ”. During the round go to San Paolo, the teammates of Kalidou Koulibaly had done pretty well. The only Barcelona achievement had been the work of Antoine Griezmann.

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Navas (7/10)

He did not have to save his team, but he won on a crushed recovery from Cornet (37th) then a free kick from the same left-hander (80th). Before pushing back OL’s 6th shot on goal.


Kurzawa (5)

Established on the right of the defense, he wanted to do well, especially defensively. He took his hallway but without being able to bring danger.


Thiago Silva (5.5)

Serene in aerial duels and in the recovery. He was nevertheless overtaken on several occasions, by Aouar (27th) and Dembélé (55th). Victim of cramps, he did not play overtime.


Kimpembe (6)

He made his speed speak, especially in the face of Depay’s mobility. He made a good intervention on a Lyon counter-attack (53rd), before losing a very dangerous ball in front of Depay (60th). He countered Traoré well in overtime (96th). Good job.


Bakker (4.5)

Despite his power, he quickly suffered defensively. He was notably lugged on a one-two between Depay and Dubois (45th + 4). His offensive contribution was very weak.


Gueye (4.5)

Lots of races, in the defensive phase as in the game, but he was imprecise in his passes before sending a nice shot out by Lopes (43rd). Replaced in the 58th minute by Herrera, author of a big entry.


Marquinhos (6.5)

Still as valuable to recovery as number 6. On relaunch, he manages to extricate himself from the opposing pressure most of the time, which makes him a valid option for Tuchel in this role of sentry.


Verratti (8)

Physically regenerated, he was enormous in his role as a torchbearer, with defensive presence and obviously impressive ball outings. He also created several hot situations by throwing Neymar or by infiltrating the opposing last 30 meters to try to find his teammates. And this until overtime.


Di Maria (4)

The Argentine left-hander appeared to be very weak physically. He waited 20 minutes before initiating some offensive movements. Then he was unable to conclude on his own in a counter-attack (32nd, 45th + 1, 74th).


Neymar (5)

If he was dangerous at the start of the match with two strikes, the “Ney” provoked a lot but often lacked application with the ball to the foot, even if he suffered a lot of faults. His few openings did not give a goal. Replaced at the peak at the hour mark, he was not able to conclude (61st, 86th).


Icardi (3)

Unsurprisingly, he was transparent. He didn’t pick up much for support and didn’t make a lot of calls. It is launched full axis by Di Maria but being offside (35th). Called back to the bench in the 58th minute and strapped to the thigh …


Sarabia (not rated)

The Spaniard, positioned right winger when he entered the game (58th), had little space to express himself. But he sprang in front of goal, on a cross from Bakker (75th) or an opening from Verratti (90th) and it was already more than what Icardi did …