football : Lacazette bedroom Saliba … and gets caught by Aubameyang (video)

Football :

Much to his joy after the victory of his club Arsenal this Saturday in the final of the FA Cup against Chelsea (2-1), Alexandre Lacazette took the opportunity to room his future teammate William Saliba, defector of Saint-Etienne . But Pierre-Aymeric Aubameyang did not really appreciate it.

Long awaited by Arsenal supporters, victory against rivals Chelsea this Saturday in the FA CUP final (2-1) also turned some heads in the locker room. Very happy with this success which allows the Gunners to access Europe next season, Alexandre lacazette offered himself a small room in good standing with his future friend in the London jersey, William Saliba.

Present in the locker room to celebrate the title with his new teammates, the newly arrived player from Saint-Etienne was thus entitled to a little improvised song from the former Lyonnais. “You are no longer in Saint-Etienne now. You are here to win titles “, thus launched Lacazette happily to a Saliba with an embarrassed smile.

Luckily for him, the 19-year-old center-back has found a (another) natural defender to come to his aid. It is indeed Pierre-Eymeric Aubaymeyang, also passed by the green house, who kindly asked Lacazette to stop titillating Saliba: “Ooohh, calm down immediately with Saint-Etienne. “No nastiness in the tone and the three friends immediately resumed the celebration of this liberating title for Arsenal.

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