Football : “Messi at Real? No, we should have ‘cojones'”

Football :

According to Toni Kroos, Lionel Messi will never dare to join Real Madrid. What the German midfielder expressed… with a Spanish word.

Where will go Lionel messi ? Everyone has been wondering since the Argentine striker expressed his desire to leave the FC Barcelona. Manchester City is the most frequently mentioned destination, while Inter Milan and PSG are also mentioned.

In contrast, a transfer from Messi to real Madrid appears completely impossible due to the rivalry between the two La Liga giants. Asked about the subject on a German podcast, Toni kroos totally excludes this hypothesis (“I don’t think he’s capable of doing that”). And for good reason: “To say it in Spanish, for that you would have to have cojones.” »Have some in the shorts, for those who need a translation.

Kroos, whose words were massively relayed by the Spanish press, thinks that Messi’s departure would be “bad for La Liga”. But not for Real. “Messi is one of the best of all time. If a player of his caliber stops playing for your biggest rival, it’s clear you won’t regret it, ”the honest former Bayern player said.

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