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On the occasion of an interview given to RTBF, Thomas Meunier returns once again to the end of his adventure with PSG. The former Parisian defender puts a layer back and denounces the way of doing his former leaders.

Thomas Meunier is definitely having trouble digesting the end of his adventure with Paris Saint-Germain. After sending Leonardo a little spade this week, while revealing that he had signed for Borussia Dortmund even before PSG faced the German club in the round of 16 of the Champions League, the Belgian player therefore gives a layer on the occasion of an interview with RTBF, the broadcast of which is scheduled for Monday. For him, his leaders (and Leonardo in the first place), were not correct.

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“I practically went to my knees in Dortmund with my agent to reach an agreement so that they let me play with the PSG, because on July 1, I was a Dortmund player. “Willing to do anything to continue the European adventure in LoC with Paris, although he has already signed with Borussia, Thomas Meunier thus recounted the progress of the discussions with Leonardo. “I had Leonardo on the phone and he asked me: ‘Are you ready for the Champions League yet?’ I told him ‘100%, I will be concerned until the end. I want to finish. Even if it’s to get out in the quarterfinals’. “

Ungrateful and truncated communication

But a few days later Thomas miller sees in the press that he “does not want to extend with PSG, that it does not interest him. “A communication that he then judges” a little thankless. ” “There was no agreement between Paris and Dortmund, he adds, but that does not mean that I refuse to extend. Without an agreement, there was not even a proposal. This is where the communication, I do not know if I can say of the club, but of Leonardo since it is he who manages the file, was a little cut off. It was not very very correct. And finally after discussion, I understood that there was no real desire to prolong me. It was crystal clear. “

From then on, Meunier says that he became persona non grata and that he was dismissed by Leonardo, eager to keep him away from the rest of the group. “For them, they had enough with the workforce they had… Hence the lawyer letter I received from the club. She told me that I was no longer welcome at the club, that I could not come to train, even the last week. I found that amazing! I didn’t even get a phone call to let me know that I was going to receive a letter or that I was no longer welcome. My agent telephoned me telling me that he had received an email from Paris… It was quite cowardly… and I was the one who had to contact Leonardo afterwards to understand the situation. “

“I fall with my ass on the floor”

Problem, the Belgian must pass physical tests the day after receiving this famous letter. “I receive the letter on Sunday, on Monday I have physical tests. I fall with my ass on the ground… and I say to myself what is that? Leonardo tells me ‘no you are not welcome at the club anymore. I forbid you to hang out with the other players, I don’t want you to put ideas in their heads’. He just didn’t want me to give the real version. (…) So all of a sudden, you look like a plague victim when you have always been correct with the club. The incomprehension and resentment still seem very present between the two men. Not sure we won’t hear about it again.

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