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In the aftermath of the elimination of Juve from the Champions League, synonymous with the end of the season for the Turin club, Cristiano Ronaldo has cracked a public message that says a lot about his future and his state of mind.

The Scudetto barely lifted a few days ago, Cristiano Ronaldo was already thinking about the pass of three with Juventus, he who in two years in Turin has obviously not yet missed out on Serie A. Saturday the day after the elimination of the Bianconeri in C1 in favor of OL, the Portuguese once again affirmed his intention to remain faithful to the Old Lady. In a strong and resolutely combative message published on social networks.

“The 2019/20 season is over for us, much later than usual but earlier than expected. Now is the time to reflect, analyze the ups and downs, because criticism is the only way to improve, he writes. A big club like Juventus always has to think like the best in the world, work like the best in the world, so that we can see ourselves as one of the best and biggest clubs in the world. “

Serie A is not enough

For this born competitor, winning the Scudetto once again is good, but there is no question of being satisfied with it. “Winning Serie A once again in such a difficult year is something we are very proud of. Personally, scoring 37 goals for Juventus and 11 for the Portuguese national team is something that makes me look to the future with renewed ambition and the desire to continue to do better every year. But the supporters demand more of us. They expect more from us. And we have to keep our promises, we have to live up to the highest expectations. “

To conclude its reflection, CR7 urges its teammates to share its ambitions, putting all the chances on their side to achieve their ends. Unless they are not up to the challenge… “May this short vacation break allow us all to make the best decisions for the future and to come back stronger and more committed than ever. See you soon ! “Juve lost their coach, Maurizio Sarri, on Saturday, replaced by an Andrea Pirlo looking like a bet. On the other hand, it has not lost its true leader.

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OL’s ratings

Against Juventus by Cristiano Ronaldo


Lopes (6)

He made a hole in front of Bernardeschi (20th), before nicely repelling a free kick from Ronaldo (40th). In the second half, he didn’t need to save his team.


Dubois (4.5)

In great pain against Ronaldo then a Rabiot who passed left midfielder. He gave a very dangerous free kick to Juve (37th), before catching up a little early in the second half.


Denayer (5.5)

As usual, he read situations well most of the time and often vented the danger. Substituted on injury from the hour of play.


Marcelo (7.5)

What revenge for the former target of supporters! He was solid, especially in front of a Higuain picking up. He recovered the ball himself in the Turin camp from a penalty of 1-0 (10th), then made a huge comeback in front of Bernardeschi (20th). He continued the interventions in the second half.


Marçal (5)

A contrasting service. He took the broth in front of Bernardeschi at the start of the match and even allowed himself a stroller on Ronaldo who could have given a penalty (25th). He made up for it with many headers, but he still struggles to place on opposing crosses.


Cornet (5)

Well in place defensively, he also offered an outside solution on the left. He just found Aouar in the area on the penalty obtained (10th). It makes a correct left piston.


Caqueret (7)

Huge activity! He ran a lot in the defensive phase, with a lot of aggression. With some faults but also a nice comeback in front of Ronaldo (46th). In the game, he contented himself with the bare minimum but was responsible for the 1-0 penalty.


Guimaraes (4.5)

Despite his technical quality, the number 6 of the team was strangely uninspired on the revival in the first period. He put more application back from the locker room but may be late on Ronaldo’s second goal (60th). In this kind of match, its flaws are visible.


Aouar (6.5)

Quite simply, a talented player. Left relay, he threw himself forward from the start of the game. He tried his luck (8th) before being hooked in the area to get a penalty (10th). He continued to relieve his team by carrying the ball into the opposing court.


Depay (5)

A free electron, he made use of his technical touch to try to bring danger. In vain. However, he opened the scoring with a superb Panenka (12th), before provoking the equalizer by returning a ball from the elbow (41st). He quickly declined physically before coming out in the 76th.


Toko Ekambi (4)

A frustrating match for the evening surprise holder. He proposed in depth, but was rarely launched. He did not influence the meeting. Replaced from the 67th.