For Bolsonaro, Brazil is “at the very end of the Covid-19 pandemic”

“We are experiencing the very end of the pandemic”, said the head of state during an official event in Porto Alegre (south).

“If we look at the other countries of the world, our government is the one, or one of those, which is doing the best from the pandemic”, he assured, while Brazil is the second most bereaved country in the world behind the United States, with nearly 180,000 deaths in eight months.

The president, himself infected in July, has never ceased to minimize what he called a “little flu”. He has most often ignored the wearing of the mask, himself provoked rallies and rejected the containment measures, in the name of safeguarding Latin America’s first economy.

He also caused the successive departure of two ministers of health who did not share his passion for hydroxychloroquine, a treatment whose effectiveness has never been scientifically proven.

“We must bring the people peace and not chaos,” said the far-right president. “We deeply regret the dead but we overcome the obstacles,” he added.

After an endless plateau from June to August at more than 1,000 deaths per day, the curves began to drop to an average of 300 deaths per 24 hours in November in Brazil. But, Tuesday and Wednesday, the daily death toll stood at more than 800.

Brazil announced its first case of re-infection with Covid-19 on Thursday, four months apart. The intensive care beds of public hospitals in Rio de Janeiro (south-east) are 100% occupied.

Vaccination is at the heart of a political war between Jair Bolsonaro and the governor of the State of Sao Paulo (south-east), the country’s first source of contamination, Joao Doria, a probable opponent for the 2022 presidential election.

Mr. Doria, at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus, wants vaccinations to start with Chinese Sinovac’s vaccine, CoronaVac, from January 25, once it has been authorized in Brazil.

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