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It is clear that we all love the giant, high quality gaming monitors that we see in the setups of some instagramers. But it is also true that the budget we need to acquire them is high, and sometimes we will want to invest it in other components. However, for an affordable price you can have a quality gaming monitor with a balanced price. It is the case of this Lenovo L24Q-30, with some great functions for gaming, which stands out for having a 2K resolution.

In the case of a 24-inch monitor, 2K resolution It is a very remarkable figure because the pixel density is quite high. If you want it to play on a desktop, the size is enough to play games and you will have more clarity than in larger ones with the same or even less resolution. And its price stands out, well You can buy it right now at PcComponentes for 179.99 euros.

This monitor is an ideal option for those who want an affordable screen to play or work with that stands out for its compact size with extremely high clarity thanks to its 2K resolution.

We are actually talking about a low cost monitor, in which that 2,560 x 1,440 pixel resolution. We will not only appreciate sharpness when it comes to to play, but when we go to perform jobs with him, or just to watch series and movies, having a higher resolution is something that will significantly improve the user experience. In fact, once you try it, you will hardly accept to use a monitor with less clarity.

As for its capabilities as a monitor to play we find several aspects. The first of them is him 4ms response time. It is a valid figure for a monitor with which we are going to play, and very typical of the technology it has, which is IPS. Personally, I find IPS monitors the best for any non-professional use when it comes to enjoying image quality. The viewing angle is very good. If you choose another technology, it is more likely that in a short time you will end up realizing that the image quality can be improved. When it comes to work, surfing the Internet, watching movies or series, you will also appreciate that the monitor technology is IPS.

The display refresh rate is 75Hz. It is not a very high figure, because we bear in mind that it is a low cost monitor. But it is still somewhat higher than the standard 60Hz. Additionally, it has an HDMI 1.4 port and a DisplayPort 1.2 port.

Finally, its design must be highlighted. The display is integrated into a frame with virtually no exterior bezels, which will look great on a sleek, minimalist desk. In any case, the big difference between this monitor and another of a similar price or a little higher is what your eyes will perceive, seeing a sharpness far superior to that of the vast majority of screens. And only for 179.99 euros.

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