For popular streamer, Auronplay, this is YouTube’s main concern

In one of its traditional transmissions, the Spanish Auronplay, made several reflections on the future of streaming platforms such as twitch and YouTube.

The youtuber and now streamer pointed out that platforms like YouTube do not seek to compete with Twitch because they do not consider it their main competitor.

“YouTube doesn’t give a damn about live streaming. YouTube’s real competitor isn’t Twitch: it’s TikTok, and I’m talking to information on the subject. Do not care. Their fight is with TikTok, and that’s why they’re pushing those shitty shorts and all that shit. Because? Because the war is against TikTok, ”he said on the broadcast.

The content creator’s comment is linked to the projects developed by YouTube, which are more linked to promoting YouTube Shorts than to reinforcing Gaming, a streaming transmission subsidiary.

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Goodbye Twitch for Auronplay?

The Spaniard was the 4th most viewed streamer in 2022, only surpassed by xQc, Gaules and ibai. That is why its link with the platform is solid.

However, on several occasions he has expressed his dissatisfaction with some decisions of the platform, such as the 50/50 split between the income of the creators and the platform.

Streaming Market Reality

Despite what many people think, the leading platform for streaming consumption is still YouTube, above Twitch.

This is how it was revealed in a report from the platform Streams Charts, where it is revealed that both YouTube and Twitch exceed one billion hours of viewing, while the rest of the applications, among which are the well-known Facebook Gaming, Trovo, Nonolive, among others, are in the millions category and very In few cases the statistics present an improvement in their performance, at least in the last three months of the year 2022.

However, these figures are highly influenced by the broadcast of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which motivated many users to visit Google’s video site, YouTube.

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