Naomi Osaka has been a champion of Grand Slam tournaments and has held the place of honor in the world ranking. Now he heads another list, the one that lists the athletes with the highest economic gains.

According to an article published on Friday by, the 22-year-old tennis player made $ 37.4 million in the past 12 months, from sponsorships and awards. With this, he passed his colleague Serena Williams in that same period.

Forbes added that Osaka’s total earnings set a record for one year-old athlete. She surpassed the $ 29.7 million mark set by fellow tennis player Maria Sharapova in 2015.

Osaka is 29th on Forbes’ annual list, which includes the 100 highest-earning athletes in the world.

Williams is at 33rd place on that list. The American had been the highest-paid athlete in each of the past four years.

She fell to Osaka in the final of the 2018 US Open. The Japanese then went on to win her second Grand Slam title, crowning Australia in 2019.

Before Osaka, no Asian tennis player – male or female – had been at the top of the ranking.

During her career, Osaka has earned about $ 14.5 million in awards, according to the WTA. Just under half of that figure corresponds to 2019.