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ACD April 8, 2021

Bet on recycling and the circular economy of Ford, which has teamed up with HP to manufacture parts with leftover 3D printing.

Ford has partnered with 3D printer manufacturer HP to recycle waste from 3D printing and turn them into end-use auto parts.

In what is considered an industry first, partners have begun converting recycled 3D printing material into clips for fuel lines Injection molded for use in Ford F-250 Super Duty trucks. The parts reportedly offer greater resistance to chemicals and moisture compared to conventional parts made from fresh materials, and are even 7 percent lighter and 10 percent cheaper to produce.

3D Printing Waste Parts

“Together with HP, we are the first to find a high-value application for waste powder it probably would have gone to landfill, transforming it into functional and durable auto parts, ”explains Debbie Mielewski of Ford’s sustainability team.

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“Many companies are finding great uses for 3D printing technologies, but together with HP, we are the first to find a high-value application for waste powder that probably would have ended up in the landfilltransforming it into functional and durable auto parts, ”adds Mielewski.

With this agreement, both companies want to accelerate their sustainable commitment in the automotive and promote the circular economy model.

The waste material does not come exclusively from Ford activities, as other companies, such as the SmileDirectClub company, are also collaborating collecting your redundant 3D printed dental molds for Ford to use.

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Resin manufacturer Lavergne then recycles the molds and residual powders into polymer granules, suitable for the injection molding process. Finally, the engineering company ARaymond mold those granules into the F-250 fuel line clips.

Mielewski concludes that “finding new ways of working with sustainable materials, reducing waste and lead the development of the circular economy they are passions at Ford.

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