Former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, hospitalized for heart problems

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Why we continue to adore Nicolas Cage

After becoming a Hollywood star in the 90s thanks to films like Leaving Las Vegas, The Rock or Wild Heart, Nicolas Cage saw his life drowning in debt and excess, but we have not stopped loving his work. Netflix from the series The Story of Swearing, in which he participates as a narrator, has reminded us of many of the reasons why the actor continues to maintain his status as a Hollywood icon, such as the extravagance of his roles, the numerous memes that have generated his performances, his geek side or his sincerity when talking about his career or laughing at himself. Therefore, today we bring you a compilation of some of them.Music: Know Myself, by Patrick PatrikiosMore stories that may interest you: The sagas that should return to theaters in 2021The actors and actresses who left in 2020The bad behavior of these actors and actresses had their characters “killed” Cover image: Adam Rose / @ 2021 Netflix, Inc.

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