Former US presidential candidate Andrew Yang announces his candidacy for mayor of New York

Democratic entrepreneur Andrew Yang, who marked the US presidential campaign with his proposal to pay $ 1,000 to every American unconditionally, announced his candidacy for mayor of New York on Wednesday.

At 46, this son of Taiwanese immigrants, a lawyer by training turned tech entrepreneur, confirmed his candidacy on Twitter, posting a video where he is seen skateboarding with his wife on the Brooklyn Bridge and talking about its desire to redress the first American metropolis, shaken by ten months of pandemic.

“I arrived in New York twenty-five years ago, I matured there, I fell in love there, I became a father. Seeing our city suffer so much hurts my heart”, he wrote.

The notoriety he acquired during the presidential campaign – he threw in the towel after the New Hampshire primary in February 2020 -, his mastery of social networks and his fervent supporters within the “Yang Gang”, as his talents as fundraiser, place him among the heavyweights of this election.

However, some criticize him for spending too much time outside the city he aims to lead. He notably spent the last few weeks in Georgia, helping the Democrats win two key seats for the US Senate.

The election to nominate Democrat Bill de Blasio’s successor is scheduled for November. But, in the Democratic stronghold of New York, the race should be played as early as the Democratic primary in June.

The economic recovery promises to be a central theme, in a city that tens of thousands of residents fled when the coronavirus ravaged it in the spring, raising fears of a return of the city to its dark period of the 1970s-1980s .

Thirty candidates are jostling for this primary. In a mid-December poll of Democratic voters, Andrew Yang came out on top almost tied with Eric Adams, a former black police officer who has chaired the Brooklyn district since 2013. Another prominent candidate: Raymond McGuire, one one of New York’s most respected black bankers, who has the backing of Wall Street and the corporate world.

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