Four lions from a zoo in Spain tested positive for Covid-19 – .

Barcelona Zoo said four of its lions were infected with Covid-19 in November. They are now healed.

“The animals are fine”

In November, animal handlers noticed “mild respiratory symptoms” at these felines, three 16-year-old females and a 4-year-old male, reveals the zoo in a press release relayed by the French press. The lions were treated according to a clinical protocol “similar to that of the flu”, accompanied by anti-inflammatory treatment. The establishment writes that they “responded positively” and are healed.

The Barcelona zoo has collaborated with international experts such as the veterinary service of the zoo of Bronx (New York) who is the only one to have “documented cases of infection with SARS-CoV-2 on felines“. The Catalan zoo ensures that lions have never shown difficulty in breathing or other signs, “and all the symptoms disappeared after 15 days”except coughs and sneezes.

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Many cases in animals

In April, at the zoo Bronx at New York, a tiger had tested positive for the new coronavirus. The feline allegedly caught him from an asymptomatic guard. Many animals are infected with Covid-19 worldwide.

To date, the only animal known to recontaminate a human after being infected remains the mink. The mass slaughter of the animal has also been ordered in many countries.

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