Four tips to save the DualSense battery

One of the best things that the PlayStation 5 (PS5) brought to the world of video games was the DualSense, the current-generation Sony console controller, considered a futuristic control due to its design and button layout.

According to him official playstation blog, the DualSense has an autonomy of eight hours if all its capacities are used and can reach between 12 and 15 depending on the game approximately. However, depending on how much you play the time may be less.

With information from the website of Atomixwe share some tips to save battery in our PS5 controls.

Turn off the controller if you are not using it

It may seem obvious, but there are users who start watching a series or movie in a streaming application installed on their PS5 and forget to turn off the control in the meantime.

decreases vibration

Vibration wastes considerable battery life as most video games use it to increase immersion in it. To decrease it, press the center button, go to the accessories option, select the corresponding control and press settings. Then, in the intensity of vibration or of the shot effect, you can decrease it to the minimum.

Charge the DualSense in sleep mode

Being able to charge the controller when the console is in rest mode is ideal for resting the battery, so when you play it again it will be fully charged. You can look at the light on the remote to know if the charge is complete or if it is still a little short to have it to the maximum.

Dim the controller light and turn off the mic

There is also the option to turn off the microphone that is integrated into the control. Also, another tip is to reduce the light that comes from the controller.

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