Fourniret case: no significant discovery on the first day of the excavations

“Today, there has been no significant discovery but the research is planned for the whole week so we can still hope since there are very characteristic places that have not yet been worked on,” said late afternoon to the press Me Didier Seban, lawyer Eric Mouzin, the father of Estelle.

“The excavations are taking place in places that Michel Fourniret indicated on the spot, at the end of the hearing, and which have never been explored” and which are located “not very far from the castle”, specified the lawyer.

Among the important resources engaged in this vast isolated property of 15 ha, close to the Belgian border, are two 20-ton excavators, while soldiers, an archaeologist and an anthropologist are present, he listed, describing a ” very methodical work “consisting first of all in removing stumps and clearing the land.

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