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Around 15 thousand pages of Traditional credits through the 2021 Scoring System were released by the Issste Housing Fund (Fovissste). This means an advance of 31% of the total applications that were registered for this year.

Agustín Gustavo Rodríguez López, a member of Fovisste, said that this year the organization may place up to 38 billion pesos in financing. The folios released so far, add up to a total of 10 thousand 616 million pesos.

They release folios of Fovissste credits. Photo: Reforma

The beneficiaries who have a released folio must comply with the following closing dates:

April 12 must have your appraisal May 12 must have the result of the signing of deeds.

The Fovissste member recalled that the first Traditional credits through the 2021 Score System were released on November 19, 2020, which would have an equivalent to approximately 9,429 million pesos.

A total of 97,910 State workers registered to obtain financing to acquire a new, used, construction or redemption of liabilities in 2021. This represents an increase of 17% compared to 2020.

If in your case you are interested in accessing a Fovissste loan, we tell you the requirements:

Have at least 18 months of contributions to Fovissste. Be active from the moment of registration for the loan until it is formalized. Have deposits constituted in your favor at Fovissste for a minimum of nine two-month periods.

To find out if you are part of the list of 15 thousand pages that were approved this beginning of the year, you can visit the official page, where you will find in detail the information you need.

Similarly, you should know that there are other types of credits that you can access from Fovissste, among them are Your house awaits you, Roots, ConstruYES, Fovissste for everyone and Fovissste INFONAVIT individual, among others.

More information in our Credits Section.

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