France: Eric Zemmour tempted by the presidential election

VSIt is still only the beginning of a digital platform. A site, called “JesignepourZemmour” which invites its supporters to keep informed of its news. But added to the recent coverage of theExpress (“The presidential temptation”) as well as that of the magazine of the hard right Current values (“The Zemmour temptation”), doubt is no longer allowed. The author of “French Suicide” (Albin Michel), sold in 2014 to nearly 500,000 copies and convicted of incitement to hatred is seriously considering running for the presidential election next year.

Asked recently on the channel Paris Premiere, Éric Zemmour did not fully reveal himself. “It is not here and today that I am going to tell you,” he replied to a question about his ambitions. But without denying that he is preparing.

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