France: four years requested against Nicolas Sarkozy

VStis a strange, clinch-like trial. As if it were a fight between Nicolas Sarkozy and the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) which he accuses of having “tracked down”.

The day after the eventful hearing of the former president at the wiretapping trial, it was the chief prosecutor himself who invited himself to the Paris Criminal Court on Tuesday to bring him the contradiction. “At no time has the PNF freed itself from legality! », Came to hammer Jean-François Bonhert by defending an investigation very decried during the hearings. On the benches of the defense, we did more than pout. “We are a long way from barbouze methods. The National Financial Prosecutor’s Office is and will remain a faithful and demanding servant of the rule of law! », Insisted the boss of the prosecution, finishing to give to this trial political overtones. Because the very expression of “barbouze” is that used by the current Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti …

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