Researchers identified in France cases of atypical pneumonia that coincide with the diagnosis of coronavirus COVID-19

Some cases of atypical pneumonia that coincide with the diagnosis of COVID-19, registered in mid-November, were identified by researchers from the region of Upper rhine in France, border with Germany, which could show that there were cases in that country prior to the first identified in China.

The radiologist Albert Schweitzer He assured that as part of an investigation, he studied all the cases of atypical pneumonia that arrived at his center from October 12 to April 30 to verify the time of arrival of the disease in his region.

While in the first scans no abnormalities near COVID-19 were found, as of November 16, two cases were identified in which the regular signs of positive patients coincide and that can be observed in the lungs, derived from this disease, according to Le Figaro newspaper.

Between the last days of November and December, when the first cases of this condition were reported in China, French doctors found 12 patients who had signs similar to what is now known as COVID-19.

The researchers divided the studies into three categories, the first for those cases that have nothing to do with signs of COVID-19, the second for those with typical signs, and the third for those with some features consistent with this condition.

Until now, it has not been reported whether these patients have already had serological tests to confirm whether they were carriers of this virus at any time.

The study is part of a national effort by researchers who have attempted to locate the first cases of this new strain of coronavirus in the country, after a doctor assured that his first patients with this clinical picture attended them at the end of December.

In accordance with Yves Cohen, head of the resuscitation area of ​​Avicenne hospitals and Jean Verdier, who gave BFMTV an interview in early May, the first case of COVID-19 in the country was not presented in late January, but in December.

With information from Notimex