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Those over 55 years of age will begin to be vaccinated as of this Monday in
France, announced the Minister of Health, Olivier VĂ©ran, in the publication ‘Journal du dimanche’, coinciding with the start of two weeks of confined school holidays.

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According to the minister, this will be possible thanks to vaccines from AstraZeneca that “as of tomorrow (Monday) all French will be able to receive without conditions” and that of Johnson & Johnson, which will begin to arrive in the country this Monday.

Since March 19, France reserves the vaccine from the Anglo-Swedish laboratory AstraZeneca for those over 55 years of age, after rare but serious cases of clotting problems were reported in younger patients.

The vaccine manufactured by Janssen-Cilag (Johnson & Johnson group) was licensed in
France on March 12. The minister assured that in the first delivery will arrive “200,000 doses”, “a week in advance.”

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The Paris region is currently the epicenter of the pandemic in France.

The minister also recalled “the announcement of the extension of the vaccination campaign by Pfizer and Moderna to all those over 60 years of age as of April 16. “

The coverage rate of vaccines with two doses rises to 75% of the people housed in nursing homes for the elderly and dependents, but only to 35% in the 75-79 age group in the city, to 9% of those located between 70 and 74 years and 4% in people between 65 and 69 years.

The minister also reported that the administration of the second dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech messenger RNA vaccine will be “spaced and Modern “, going from the current 28 days with respect to the first dose to 42.

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This announcement occurs at the beginning of two weeks of confined school holidays, no travel between regions and a curfew at 7 pm (local time) for everyone, in the hope of curbing the covid-19 epidemic.

The incidence of the coronavirus remains uncontrolled. On Saturday, more than 5,769 patients infected with the virus were admitted to resuscitation services.

The death toll continues to rise, to more than 98,000, which brings closer to
France’s psychological threshold of 100,000 dead, soperated in Italy or the UK. In 2021, an average of 340 patients per day have died of covid-19 in the country.


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