Francisco tries to show Rodrigo in ‘First dates’ that size does not matter to win him over

Many people recognize that size matters, whether in everyday life or as a couple, but Francisco insisted on Tuesday that to conquer Rodrigo in First dates would need other attributes.

The first to arrive at Cuatro’s restaurant was Rodrigo, who told Lidia Torrent that “I am a very romantic, affectionate, thoughtful boy, to go out and make plans with my partner … but I have not done very well in love”.

I have only fallen in love once and I hope to do it again because I have gone from one boy to another looking for him. I still believe in love, but the truth is that it has not gone very well, “said the student.

At that moment Francisco arrived at the premises: “I love myself very much and I know my worth, so I love something equal”said the computer scientist. “With anything I can manage, you don’t need to have luxuries or riches,” he added.

At first glance the Sevillian did not like his date very much: “I’ve been a bit caught because I’ve seen him very short, but once it has approached I have seen that it was within the average and I have not worried “, recognized Rodrigo.

During the evening they got to know each other more, leaving aside the issue of height, both connected because of their love for the countryside and animals, that they could not with lies and that they were looking for a serious relationship.

In the private party they had dessert and Francisco offered his to his date because “I can’t take it anymore because I’m little and you are two meters tall.” They both got up to get parallel and compare their size: “You take two heads out of me,” acknowledged the computer scientist.

Rodrigo and Francisco, in 'First dates'.
Rodrigo and Francisco, in ‘First dates’.

But the difference in height at the end was not a problem since, after the passionate kiss in private, both recognized that they would like to have a second date because “I had a wonderful time,” said Francisco.

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