French OnlyFans Model Brings Android 18 to Real Life

As anime fans well remember, the Android Arc is one of the most important in Dragon Ball Z and it was in which we saw Android 18 arrive, also known as Lazuli when she was younger.

Dragon Ball was originally published in the Japanese publisher Shueisha’s Shonen Jump magazine between 1984 and 1995, created by Akira Toriyama. Two years after the release of the manga, Toei Animation released the anime adaptation of Dragon Ball and it continued until we had Dragon Ball Z in the nineties.

This manga -an anime has hundreds of interesting characters that marked an era, one of them is Android 18. She is the twin sister of Number 17 and an android created from a human base by Dr. Gero with the aim of destroying Goku.

This android later joins the Z Fighters and later ends up being Krillin’s wife and Marron’s mother. Despite not participating in the battles against Majin Buu, she did fight in the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Force. She was always one of the most popular characters to have something human, inspiring thousands of cosplayers in the world.

Android 18 comes to real life with this cosplay

According to a report published on the website of E Games NewsFrench cosplayer, OnlyFans model and content creator Acky Fiakxy, better known on social media as acky.foxy and who has more than 50 thousand followers on Instagram, made a very realistic cosplay of Android 18.

“And a little Japan Expo throwback session! Very happy to have been able to get out C18! I have a lot of ideas with this character! ”, Acky wrote in the caption of the post, in which he adds the images of the cosplay of him with which he participated in the Japan Expo last year.

As we can see, the model recreates Android 18 with her light eyes, blonde hair with the character’s cut, and torn denim coat to show off the black and white striped sleeves.