From Hazard to Osimhen: the new gold factory is in Lille

International Soccer The French club is one of the European clubs that makes the most of its players

The Ligue 1 is with 340 million euros the great European league that gives the most profitability to the sale of players. He tops the list very loosely relative to his pursuers. And it does so thanks in large part to teams like LOSC Lille Mtropole.

The whole of northern France is becoming, in recent years, one of the best sellers in europe. The club that was Ligue 1 champion not so long ago, 2010-11 season, with a team riddled with emerging stars like Cabaye, Gueye, Gervinho or Hazard, has always been characterized for being a springboard club. He is able to revalue your players, who end up making the jump to a big one. The last has been the case of Osimhen, which has just been transferred to Naples for a whopping 70 million plus 10 in variables, becoming the most expensive signing in the history of southern Italy.

That of the Nigerian has only been the last of a long list of millionaire transfers with which the French club has filled its coffers. These are some of the most relevant:

He crack of real madrid came to Lille in the year 2005, where he developed for two years in the club’s quarry. In 2010 was the year of his football explosion, being, to his 19 years, a key piece of equipment that was made with the league title. Its great performance did not go unnoticed by greats of Europe, and two seasons later, on July 4, 2012, the Belgian signed for the Chelsea for 35 million euros. At that time it became the most expensive sale in the history of the club.

He became one of the soap operas last summer. The far right Ivorian became one of the revelations of Ligue 1 in the 2018-19 season. In his second year in the whole of northern France, he noted 22 goals and distributed 11 assists. His great year opened the doors of the greats of Europe, and the arsenal ended up gaining with its benefits the past transfer market. That’s right, not at any price. Nothing more and nothing less 80 million euros Londoners had to shell out. A price that they could not reject in Lille, especially considering that the player had been purchased two years earlier for only 10 million. Round business.

The current forward of Milan He spent only one year in the discipline of the French club. Arrived free summer 2018 coming from Sporting de Portugal, in which he barely got to play five games with the first team. However, the scouts of the THE C they saw something in him, and time ended up agreeing with them. In his first season in Ligue 1, the portuguese scored eight goals in 24 games that disputed, which led to its revaluation. Finally, after his year in Lille, file for him Milan last summer for 23 million.

Last season’s sales did not stop with Pp and Leao. They added Thiago Mendes. The Brazilian midfielder, who came to Lille from Sao Paulo summer 2017 by the amount of nine million euros, ended up signing for Lyon last season. Its price: 22 million. After two seasons in which I played 65 games, its market value went up 13 million, which ended up being the benefit of coffers of LOSC.

Has been the last great transfer of Lille. After a great season, the young man of 21 years, has ended up calling the ranks of the Naples. 70 million It has been the price that the Neapolitan team has had to pay to get the Nigerian scorer. Not bad at all considering that this has been his first year in lite, where you have marked 13 goals in the 27 days of Ligue 1 that have been disputed. The sale took place just one year after its incorporation into the French League, which took place last summer for 24.5 million euros. 46.5 million profit for the French.

Total, LOSC Lille adds a profit of 116 million in the sale of players in the last five years, which makes it one of the best selling clubs in all of Europe.

Everything has a price, and most times in football, filling the coffers means getting rid of talent. This is precisely the case of LilleWho, if it had not been for his sales, could have today 11 capable of competing as any European team. This will be LOSC lineup if it had kept all of its players in the last decade: Maignan (Lille); Digne (Everton), Magalhaes (Lille), Pavard (Bayern), Celik (Lille); Gueye (PSG), Soumar (Lille), Ikon (Lille); Pp (Arsenal), Osimhen (Naples), Hazard (Real Madrid).