From her bedroom, Chiquis Rivera lifts everything

If anyone knows how to captivate his followers with his curves, that is Chiquis Rivera. The daughter of Jenni Rivera He caused a huge stir on Instagram after showing how he lifts everything, yes all his charms to the delight of Internet users.

The interpreter of Anímate y verás posed from her bedroom for the lens, achieving an image that fires the imagination of her more than 4 million followers on Instagram. For the occasion, Chiquis Rivera chose a quite fitted white nightgown that seems to be about to fall and her hair is collected, the star of regional Mexican music did not require more to show her beauty in all its splendor.

Niece of Lupillo Rivera she posed on the bed, in profile and lifting her back charms, a position that really drove Internet users crazy. The face of the beautiful interpreter shows how comfortable she is and how happy she is to take these types of photographs for her most fervent followers.

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The perfect complement to panoramic Chiquis Rivera They were white sheets and the padded headboard that attracted a lot of attention, but did not steal the prominence of the legs and curves of the famous woman.

The winner of the Latin Grammy He shared a very powerful message with the image, in which he talks about inner beauty and what is most important.

The most beautiful glow comes from within ✨ (The most beautiful glow comes from within), the daughter of the Diva de la Banda wrote in her publication.

The photo was shared on January 18 and got more than 200 thousand reactions on the famous social network. The compliments and fire emojis were a constant in the comment box of the beautiful interpreter.

Recently, Chiquis Rivera received endless criticism on social networks, this after some photographs taken by a paparazzi in Tulum emerged. The images showed not exactly the most graceful angle of the singer and there were those who did not take long to start talking about her anatomy.

The photographs showed a Janney Marin with a few extra pounds than what is seen on their social networks and with cellulite, something that the critics did not miss. But the famous one responded quite intelligently.

Through images in his stories and Instagram feed, the still wife of Lorenzo Méndez showed off like never before in a two-piece swimsuit and even without the top piece. The beautiful singer showed off her curves and others for her followers.

Along with the images, the interpreter of Anímate y verás shared a message, with which she showed that her safety and self-love do not depend on what others think and with celilutis, stretch marks, scars and whatever, Chiquis Rivera loves to be who is.

With scars, stretch marks, cellulite, and all my blemishes … I LOVE ME !!!! I ACCEPT myself and I like myself VERY well! THANK GOD!!
#NoFilter #NoEdit #NoFaceTune

Janney Marín also shared that as it is there are many in the queue and even if there weren’t, she is happy like this; Besides, the best accessory in a woman is her safety.

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The most valuable accessory is your confidence. #OwnLove
There is always room for improvement, but accepting & loving yourself just the way you are makes you sexier than you think. #LaMujerDeLasPlantas #FauxFur

It is not the first time that Chiquis Rivera receives negative comments about her figure; however, the star of The Riveras She has always shared her security and self-love, becoming a great example for today’s woman.

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