Fuenlabrada CF: Competition does not give up the game to Fuenlabrada: the playoff is still in the air

Fuenlabrada CF Rejected the instructor’s proposal, the process continues towards a possible decrease

The Fuenlabrada players during a hydration break, with Sandoval. JAVIER GARCIA MARCA

The Competition Committee has not accepted the proposal of the Fuenlagate instructor, who requested to give up the match against Fuenlabrada against Deportivo de La Corua for 3-0. This rejection of the precautionary measure leaves in the air the playoffs for promotion to Primera, which must continue to wait to be disputed as soon as possible since both Almera and Zaragoza have not reported any new cases of coronavirus in the last hours and all Squads seem willing and ready to compete.

Following this decision, for now, the ambitions of the Elchetherefore he aspired to compete with Saragossa, Almera and Girona for the last place in LaLiga Santander and that now they will have to wait for a final resolution.

Meanwhile, the three points of this match will continue to be insufficient for Deportivo de La Corua, which is holding on to a possible administrative decline from Fuenlabrada to continue in professional football. After having also accused the Estremadura of an improper alignment that was dismissed at the first change.

The Madrid team released a statement at night showing that they are waiting for a date to be decided for the match.

The RFEF Competition Committee has rejected the request for precautionary measures proposed by the Investigating Judge, as it did not appreciate the existence of sufficient evidence. So the match of day 42 against Deportivo for losing to CF Fuenlabrada does not give.

Likewise, it considers that a measure such as the one proposed did not respect the principles of proportionality, reasonableness and less onerousness.

The club is pending the indications of the institutions prepared to dispute the match when indicated.

The Fuenlagate continues its course, therefore, and the Madrid club continues to denounce the witch hunt to which they are being subjected. At this time they have requested the nullity of the instructor who has spoken so harshly against them. The Fuenlabrada jurists understand that Ricardo Esteban Daz Snchez violates the rules of the RFEF itself to instruct a case, since it has to be licensed in law (which it is), and be named for the entire season, when his name only entered the scene on July 21, after the Initial instructor of the case will suspiciously resign the first exchange. Only then did the current instructor arrive, who has already been challenged and is now seeking annulment.

Now, the next steps are to decide if the nullity of the instructor prospers (something very complicated because it would have to be validated by the same ones who have appointed and reaffirmed it after the initial challenge), and then the declaration of the members of the Fuenlabrada (president, doctor , coach, Hugo Fraile) and the representative of the latter, Rodrigo Fernndez Lovelle.

From there, Competition will take a measure that the Madrid club fear is going through an administrative decline as denounced by both its president, Jonathan Praena, and its sports director Miguel Melgar.