Fundación País Digital brings together a public-private delegation for the largest technological tour of Chileans to Spain

The Chilean organization Fundación País Digital (FPD) traveled this February 26 and until March 3 to Barcelona and Madrid, Spain, together with 40 representatives of public and private organizations in Chile to be part of the Mobile World Congress 2023.

This event is held annually as the most relevant global event on new technologies and telecommunications. The delegation has had important meetings to discuss public policies on digital matters, as well as agreements with authorities and representatives of companies from different countries.

A boost for Latin America

The delegation, organized together with the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce of Chile (Camacoes) and which is positioned as the largest that has been organized to date, not only seeks to learn about the main international technological trends, but also to promote the generation of alliances between the public and private world to, collaboratively, continue advancing and contributing to the challenge of bridging technological gaps and positioning Chile as a digital hub for Latin America.

“For five days we worked to give our country greater visibility on issues related to digitization and the latest experiences in the development of the technology industry. But even more important, we will seek to promote a collaborative perspective that contributes to the development of the country”, indicated the president of FPD, Pelayo Covarrubias.

digital policies

Along these lines, Fundación País Digital coordinated the participation of Senator Kenneth Pugh, who will be together with the Undersecretary of Telecommunications, Claudio Araya, in the Ministerial Program, an event aimed at leaders of the public sector and the ecosystem, where they discuss policies and regulatory issues of the industry. In addition, they will visit the Israel pavilion to talk about technologies, innovation in education, security policies and cybersecurity. It is worth mentioning that the trip is being supported, from its organization and management, by the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce of Chile (CAMACOES).

“In order to meet all the challenges that our country must and will face in terms of development, we want to emphasize collaboration as the main aspect of this trip. Our intention is to build all possible and imaginable bridges to generate value in the country, which we will do by deploying a robust agenda in Barcelona and Madrid, in order to generate a virtuous circle that allows us to address the opportunities and challenges of Chile, which we have already reflected. in the Plan A Digital Country of 2021″, commented Fernando Sánchez, general manager of FPD.

In addition, FPD will present in Madrid the so-called “Digital Development Goals (ODD)” within the framework of the 2035 Digital Transformation Strategy Agenda presented by the Chilean Senate and ECLAC. Likewise, the delegation will have the opportunity to meet innovation centers, such as D Factory, including work meetings on cybersecurity, advanced human capital, digitization of the State, artificial intelligence and public security, among others.


In this context, the group is made up of 40 representatives from the public and private world. On behalf of the public area, Senator Ximena Órdenes and Senator Kenneth Pugh, both members and promoters of the Digital Transformation Strategy Table Chile 2035; the deputies José Miguel Castro and Raúl Leiva; the Undersecretary of Telecommunications, Claudio Araya; the Undersecretary General of the Presidency, Macarena Lobos; the head of the Segpres Digital Government Division, José Inostroza; the Director of Data in the Segpres Digital Government Division, Claudio Reyes; the division chief of the Telecommunications Development Fund of the Undersecretary of Telecommunications, Marcelo Rute; the National Cybersecurity Coordinator of the Ministry of the Interior, Daniel Álvarez; the lawyer and director of Country Development, Felipe Alessandri; the general manager of Country Development, Patricio Rey; the Mayor of Peñalolén and president of the Chilean Association of Municipalities, Carolina Leitao; and the head of the Department of Innovation for Pre-investment of the Municipality of Las Condes, Tomás Hoffmann.

From the private world, Nicolás Deino, Managing Director at Accenture Chile; Rodrigo Ramírez, Executive President of the Chilean Chamber of Digital Infrastructure; Virginia Font de Matas, Manager of Strategic Planning of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce of Chile; Alfie Ulloa, Executive President of Chile Telcos; Cristián Salgado, Legal and Regulatory VP of ClaroVTR; Ricardo Mewes, President of the Confederation for Production and Commerce (CPC); Manuel Araya, Manager of Regulation and Corporate Affairs of Entel; Claudio Anabalón, Director of Public Affairs and Institutional Relations of Entel; Manuel Fernández, Editor of Nacional and the Innovation section of El Mercurio; Marcelo Pino, VP of Corporate Affairs for Latin America and the Caribbean of Huawei; Iván Toro, Managing Partner of ITQ Latam; Agustín Edwards, Director of the newspaper Las Últimas Noticias; Enrique Coulembier, General Manager of Mundo Telecomunicaciones; Daniel Contreras, Manager of Institutional Relations of Mundo Telecomunicaciones; Gina Ocqueteau, Director of SQM; Fernando Saiz, Director of Public Affairs and Regulation of Telefónica; Patricio Santelices, General Manager of Transbank; Isabel De Gregorio, Manager of the People Division, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability of Transbank; José Miguel Bellagamba, Manager of Transbank’s Legal and Compliance Division; Claudia Uribe, Director of the Regional Office of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean of UNESCO in Chile; Valtencir Maldonado Mendes, UNESCO Head of Education; and Catalina Achermann, VP of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at WOM.

The delegation is completed by Pelayo Covarrubias, President of Fundación País Digital; Fernando Sánchez, General Manager Fundación País Digital; María Eugenia Sarroca, Director of Communications of Fundación País Digital and Juan Luis Núñez, Advisor on Public Policies of Fundación País Digital

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