‘Future Trunks’ Achieves Ultra Instinct In This Awesome Dragon Ball Z Fanart

The Future Trunks we see in Dragon Ball Z is one of the most formidable warriors in the franchise. We don’t know if Super’s stories are going to take him down that path, but let’s hope they give him a fundamental role in the battles to come, in the stories of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro.

At least they have already given him the leading role in the arc that is currently being developed. The details suggest that Gohan will be in charge of stopping the threats that arise -again- from the Red Patrol, but we know that Trunks will at least be present.

While that happens we are going to entertain ourselves with a new fanart that has ‘Future Trunks’ as the main character. It is an illustration that shows him in battle managing to execute the Ultra Instinct that Whis teaches Goku.

The ‘migatte no gokui’ or the doctrine of selfishness is not for everyone. But we know that Trunks, at least the one who lived in the apocalyptic future, meets the conditions to increase his power and protect the planet. Come on, he is the only Saiyan alive in his reality.

So he’s probably going to experience all the threats we see in the main timeline, but without the help of the Z Fighters.

In the illustration he publishes @Chry_Insi_Art Trunks who entered the time room to train with his father and came out with long hair is appreciated. The design puts him as if he were falling into the void, but with the aura and white hair, the main characteristic of Ultra Instinct.