Gabriel Soto reacts to criticism of Fátima Molina for her physique

“The only thing I can say about Fatima is that she is a great actress and a great companion and the truth is that we are doing very well in the telenovela,” he stressed.

Finally, Irina Baeva’s boyfriend categorically denied that the soap opera was removed from primetime. “No, not at all, no, neither (it will change the schedule).”

Fátima Molina broke the silence after being harshly criticized for her physical appearance and for being singled out for being the culprit of the possible change in the schedule of the soap opera.

“The truth is I have no idea whether or not our telenovela ‘Te acuerdas de me’ will change from primetime, as they say someone commented. I don’t know if it’s just gossip. Much less did I have any idea that some people in the audience , they say it’s my fault, it’s physical, because I’m a brunette, because I have a mole under my eye, because I’m not tall, ‘because I’m very Mexican,’ “the 34-year-old interpreter wrote on her social networks

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