Gaby Espino introduces the new member of her family

Gaby Espino introduces the new member of her family: Who is it?


Gaby Espino presents her new pet.

Gaby Espino surprised all her followers on the Instagram platform by introducing the new member of her family, it is a puppy that goes by the name “Maya” and she came to her home to fill it with much more happiness and love.

“Welcome Maya” was the message that accompanied the publication of the Venezuelan actress on her official profile on Instagram with a series of photographs in which she appeared formally presenting her new pet.

The star’s fans were quick to react on the Instagram social network: “What a beauty”, “I want to meet her”, “Awww beauty”, “Yeah !!! How beautiful! “,” What beauty !! “,” She is beautiful !!!! “,” Even animals have a purpose when they come into our lives !!!! Find out with Maya! ”,“ The purest and truest love ”.

Hawthorn’s new pet is a Goldendoodle, known to be a cross between two breeds, the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. Goldendoodle is characterized by being very helpful, intelligent and very good-natured dogs, ideal for families with children.

Gaby Espino: What projects have you been working on?

At present, Gaby Espino is completely focused on her role as an actress with the recordings of the series “La fortuna de Loli”, the new Telemundo romantic comedy that is scheduled to premiere in January 2021.

The talented Venezuelan actress had been away from melodramas since her special participation in an episode of the Telemundo series “Betty en NY” in 2019. Likewise, the actress was part of the main cast of the series “Play with Fire”, where she played the character of Camila Peláez de Miller.

Espino has also focused in this 2020 on her role as a businesswoman with her exclusive line of lipsticks that are fully available on her website. In addition, the interpreter is an ambassador for important beauty and personal care brands such as Neutrogena.

Gaby Espino: How do you experience confinement due to the pandemic?

Both Gaby Espino and her two children, young Oriana and Nickolas, have been living in confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic in their luxurious residence in the city of Miami, Florida. For a few months, Espino has limited himself to attending public events as a preventive measure against the public health crisis that is being experienced in the United States.

Likewise, the Venezuelan actress is in constant COVID-19 diagnostic tests as an indispensable requirement of Telemundo in the middle of the recordings of her new project with the important television network, this in order to clear any case of possible contagion with the virus in the production.

On the other hand, Espino has limited the number of people in his family gatherings so as not to put the health of any of his family members at risk, especially that of his mother or his sister Andreina Espino, who recently gave birth to her second child.

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