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Arma Kaynar

14 / Father / 21 14:29

Arma Kaynar

The yellow-red team announced that they put Ekrem Memnun as the head of the basketball team.

By Eurohoops Team /

Galatasaray, which could not get results as it wanted in recent weeks, recently announced that it started contract termination negotiations with coach Ömer Uğurata and started negotiations with Ekrem Memnun for his coaching duty.

The yellow-red club announced on its official website that it has reached an agreement with coach Ekrem Memnun for the coaching duty.

The statement made included the following statements:

“Ekrem Satisfied has been appointed as the head coach of our Galatasaray Men’s Basketball Team. An agreement was reached with Mr. Ekrem Satnun until the end of the season. “

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