Galicia, third community with the greatest decrease in unemployment in July

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Galicia achieves the podium at state ranking of unemployment decline During the month of July. The number of people registered in the Galician employment offices fell by 9,343, thus remaining a total of 175,311 people.

The data published during this Tuesday by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy places Galicia in the Third place Spanish with better work activity data, only surpassed by Cantabria, with -6.74%, and Castilla y León, with -6.14%. The -5.06% Galician is also substantially higher than the Spanish average, which stagnates at -2.33%.

Julio stands as third consecutive month of decline of the number of unemployment in Galician territory, after the start of the decline in May. In addition, the fall of more than 9,000 people is the highest number recorded in a month of July in last four years —The last largest figure dates back to 2016, with 11,863 fewer people.

The data is not so favorable in the year-on-year comparison, where a rise of the unemployment of 24,390 people, a 16.16% more than in July 2019. Even so, the rise of the Galician figure continues below the Spanish average, which stands at 25.29%.

The Department of Labor wanted to highlight the downward trend in the unemployment figures started in May and continued during this summer month, after the “abrupt” increase in March and April due to the Covid-19 health crisis.

Pontevedra leads the descent

In the provincial analysis of the Galician data, Pontevedra leads this descent unemployment with 4,424 fewer unemployed, up to a -6.19% decline that leaves the figures at 66,993 people. In La Coruña unemployment decreased during July by 3,361 people, a decrease of 4.49% which leaves the province with 71,534 unemployed people. It is followed by Lugo, with 962 fewer people, and Orense with 596.

In the year-on-year comparison also a widespread promotion which stands out in the province of Lugo, with 18.85% more unemployment than last year. La Coruña follows with a close 18.69%, followed by Orense with a 14.41% increase. Finally there is Pontevedra, with 13.43%.

The figures of the unemployed in Galicia affect 74,777 men and 100,534 women, of the 8,582 are under the age of 25. Of these, 4,407 are men and 4,175 are women.

Decrease in all sectors

In the sector classification, the decrease unemployment was noted in all economic activities Galician. Services lead the fall, with 7,614 fewer people, followed by industry with 981, construction with 806 and agriculture with 226. In total, the service sector registered up to 121,372 unemployed people, industry a total of 19,357 people, construction 13,862 and agriculture 6,045 people.

Unemployment between foreign people is located in the 12,199 people, of which up to 7,487 are dedicated to the service sector, 751 to industry, 691 to construction, 737 to agriculture and the rest, 2,724 people, did not record any previous employment.

Hiring rebound

Hiring picked up in July compared to the previous month with a 58.80% and 31,993 more firms that put the figure at 86,407 new contracts. The year-on-year comparison continues to leave more pessimistic data, with a drop of 28.65% compared to 2019.

The monthly contracting I know elevates in all provinces Galician, with Orense at the head with a 66.61% registered. However, they all have a sharp year-on-year decrease.

Indefinite contracts increased by 1,691 compared to the previous month, which is located at a rise of 35.30%. Likewise, the storms shot up at 30,302, a + 61.06% rise that leaves the figure at 79,926, although they fell 29.33% compared to a year ago. The accumulated of the year reflects that, of 409,773 contracts, only 9.70% are undefined (39,740) and the 90.30% temporary (370,033).

State data

The unemployment data for July, as happened in March, April, May and June, does not include to workers who are suspended from work or reduced hours as a result of a ERTE, since the definition of registered unemployment does not count them as unemployed.

According to Trabajo, unemployment is reduced in women for the first time since the start of the pandemic, with 38,332 fewer registered stops, while the number of unemployed decreased in all sectors except agriculture.

Specifically, registered unemployment decreased “markedly” in the service sector, the one that has suffered the most from the hibernation of the economy, with 84,563 fewer registered people, which leaves the evolution in a decrease of 3.09%. In industry, 9,444 fewer unemployed were recorded, a 2.96% decrease. In the construction sector, the drop stood at 6,556, 2.15% less people.

He only increase the number of unemployed was registered in the agricultural sector, with 11,108 unemployed who place the rise at 5.86%, a fact that is justified with the completion of some relevant campaigns in the sector.

In July, according to data offered by Labor, the group of young boys has also seen changes in trend of unemployment. Registered unemployment among those under 25 fell by 21,794 people, a decrease of 6.35%, which translates into the first drop since March. Likewise, unemployment of 25 and more years fell by 68,055 people, 1.93% less.

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