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Galilea Montijo clarifies, Does he receive a millionaire salary today? (Instagram)

Galilea Montijo clarifies, Does he receive a millionaire salary today? | Instagram

Showing off her particular way of being, Galilea Montijo spoke before the cameras again to address the controversial “millionaire salary” that she earns for being a host of “Today“How do you do?

The Mexican actress, presenter and comedian, Galilea Montijo, has stood out as one of the consecrated figures within the conduction, particularly the one regarding the “Today” program in which, together with some of his colleagues, he has collaborated for many years.

The presenter, who in addition to showing off a particular style and dressing to the latest fashion trend has consolidated within the morning, which now gives rise to new versions regarding the “substantial salary“that the famous receives after so many years, this added to other strong controversies.

It is now that the Guadalajara has broken the silence and clarified its version of these rumors, amid other strong accusations that have been raised against her husband of course “abuse of power“of which he also defended him.

In the middle of a series of interviews, the native of Guadalajara, Jalisco, diverted the attention of the media, pointing out that the figures that are handled “are very dangerous”, amid jokes and a play on words, this is how the charismatic presenter responded.

Better paid for what? It depends on who you say it against. No, the figures they handle are very dangerous, I am not telling you because ‘oh what fear they say’, I am telling you because it is not true ”, commented the famous.

Undoubtedly, Martha Galilea Montijo Torres, the real name of the host who has appeared for several years in front of the morning broadcast of “Las Estrellas”, is very “proud” of the trajectory in which she has remained as part of the company .

“Even if I work nonstop”

I would say it very proud, I have more than 20 years working non-stop. How much or little I have has been because of my work and thanks to Televisa that has given me work, it has been a lot of effort.

He also pointed out that it is thanks to the fruit of his work that he has shared with his mother, however, he hinted that his salary is not a fortune as everyone believes, although he did not reveal any figure that was close.

What I have been able to give to my mother and of that I feel very proud, but of that to the amounts they handle, ‘oh my son, I wish I wouldn’t be here, confessed the Hoy host.

Similarly, he reveals that due to these assumptions he receives messages from many people who request loans.

It is a great irresponsibility because there are people who believe it, you do not know the number of messages I have, from people who borrow money from me.

He clarifies that although he would very much like to help, he cannot and they are versions that carry a certain danger.

That I would love to have, I would set up a pawn shop. People who say, ‘La Gali is really cool, maybe she’ll lend me’, I’d love to be able to help, but sometimes you can’t. But there are many people who believe it and it is dangerous, he said.

Do you have a lot of debt?

However, although the presenter points out that it is impossible for her to lend to everyone, possibly because she herself has many debts, as revealed in a dynamic of the program “Hoy” on December 31, the # flourchallenge, moment in which they took advantage to reveal what they had experienced during the year.

Regarding her husband’s accusations, “Gali” addressed the alleged versions against her husband, pointing out that they must have proof since the man she knows is a “good man” in addition to emphasizing that the war in politics is lived worse than in the shows”.

Just as my husband does not meddle in my things, I also do not meddle in his things, I can only tell you that he is a hard-working man, that he looks after his family. They can say many things, but check them.

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