The controversy continues for the attempt to repeal of the labor reform by the Government without counting on employers and unions and only after an agreement between parties, which includes Bildu.

The CEOE President, Antonio Garamendi, in an interview this Friday in ‘Herrera en COPE’, has warned that the pact with Bildu can cause many ERTEs to become ERE; that is to say, that many workers end up in the queues of unemployment “due to the uncertainty in the business world”.

The employer’s leader considers the agreement to be “absurd” and “irresponsible”. “It puts thousands of jobs and foreign confidence in the country and in Spanish companies at risk,” he said.

Garamendi has indicated that he found out through the media of the agreement reached between Government and Bildu and that to this day no one from the Government has yet addressed him. What the CEOE president is clear about is that playing with fire “is very dangerous”. “We want to sit at the table to talk to each other about things to eat, but not if the person in front of you has the cards marked. Some tell you that in a crystalline way this is a total reform, others the opposite and that creates uncertainty in the world business, where the word ERTE can become ERE, “he said.

The employer’s leader recalled that the labor reform that is to be repealed is endorsed by the EU and organizations such as the IMF, the OECD or the ECB, and thanks the defense of the vice president Nadia Calviño, “the only sensible person”. Garamendi has warned that the coming economic crisis “is brutal” and that after the coronavirus pandemic the “hunger pandemic” may come.

However, Garamendi is no longer surprised by anything from this Government: “When you see this Executive, nothing surprises me anymore. Because we are used to hearing things that leave us perplexed. Although their intention to repeal the labor reform is very serious. No they are aware of what they are talking about because some have never seen a company in their life. “