Garamendi (CEOE) defends digitization to advance equality

Garamendi (CEOE) defends digitization to advance equality

The president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, affirms that digitization can help advance equality and achieve a “more balanced” world, putting people at the center and defending the freedom of each one.

“We have the right to privacy and we must always think that the data is ours, because it would be a mistake to think that it belongs to the state or the companies,” Garamendi stated in his speech at the forum ‘Online conversations on the ethical future of the revolution digital ‘from Esade.

The president has indicated that “the disease of the pandemic has changed the way of working and living”, has valued the advances in aspects such as teleworking and has considered that Spain is at an “unbeatable” point in this regard.

In this way, he stressed that the deployment of fiber optics that the country has made is “10 times higher than Germany and only behind the countries of Japan and Korea.”

He also highlighted that digitization is no longer a sector but is cross-cutting and “involves everyone in all aspects”, so the European funds provided for the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan will establish this aspect as one of the first objectives.

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